About dapcco

About dapcco

About dapcco :  Advanced Waterproofing Technologies, Ahead!

Our Mission: dapcco

Dapcco Waterproofing Inc. is a family run business that is specialized in waterproofing products and services. With over 20 years of intensive experience in construction industry and evaluation of different products and techniques for waterproofing, we came to our most valuable finding in this field with is Liquid Integrated Waterproofing Systems (LIWS).

Our technicians: dapcco

Our technicians and skilled staff are trained for every kind of waterproofing work, a new construction project or a leaking waterproofing membrane repair.

Additionally, we have the solution for each specific problem, whether it is the usual leaking in old houses basements or leaking of sloped roofs into attics or leakages of flat roof fittings.

Our Vision: dapcco

Among the complicated construction process, we believe that waterproofing has its own specific complexities due to the nature of water as a fluid. Existing joints in waterproofing materials and non-adherence of membranes as a separate layer on base substrate, will MORE likely result in leaks or shorter waterproofing membrane life time.

We also believe that it is not required to remove any damaged or leaking waterproofing substrate, as in most cases using our services, they could be easily and quickly repaired and maintained for another period of time.

We guarantee the minimum damage and a less time-consuming treatment process for the leaking areas which finally ends in MINIMUM expenses and MAXIMUM savings for the project owners.

Our services:

Our services are for industrial, commercial and residential projects, new construction or renovation or leaking repairs, which include but not limited to:

Foundation Waterproofing (Positive and Negative Waterproofing)

Basement Waterproofing (External and Internal)

Wet areas Waterproofing

Leakage stop services

Flat Roof, Curved and Sloped Roof Waterproofing

Facade and Walls Waterproofing

Window Frame Caulking and Waterproofing

Construction Joints Waterproofing

Decks and Porch Waterproofing (without construction damage to the surface)

Waterproof Flooring’s

Concrete and masonry crack Repair dapcco

Our advantages:

Dapcco Waterproofing Inc is not only a family company but also a large family consisting of clients, staff with the business owners. dapcco

We welcome every new client with transparent and honest services in providing non obligatory estimate and 100% free technical consultation.

And proudly assure our clients with our pledge to the most economical solutions, most durable waterproofing systems and fastest treatments for all waterproofing jobs.

And also we give a great importance to safety regulations and accuracy of jobs done.

Every job will be done in high standards and in accordance with most innovative technologies and in compliance with the building codes and standards.

  • 25 years transferable Warranty        
  • Fully Insured          
  • Full WSIB Coverage      
  • Free Regular yearly Job Visit 
  • Transparency in our services  
  •  Free and non obligatory Estimates
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