Construction & Joints Waterproofing

Construction & (Expansion) Joints Waterproofing Vertical / Horizontal

Waterproofing construction joints is one of specific waterproofing services offered by our trained staff. Construction Joints Waterproofing as one of the time-consuming processes in waterproofing require a high accuracy and proficiency of joints

Sealing the seam space and joints with a strong reinforced coating with CanProof A or B series is a secure method of filling and waterproofing the joints and guarantees a durable reinforced coating on joints for expansion or bending of metal joints

The joints from the depth to the surface are to be filled with the fillers of elastomeric material and then covered for joints
The high adhesion of CanProof A or B series products to metal substates and combination with the reinforcing layer of Lytren in the most appropriate and durable method of sealing joints.



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