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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

How we are trying to be helpful!

Amid the recent developments of the COVID-19 virus and the updated measures, we have applied strict regulations that maintain the Health and Safety of our staff and clients as we continue to provide you with our essential services.


Financial Terms

To be more helpful to our existing and new clients, we are dedicating a 40% credit time for any projects scheduled to be done during the current crisis. We hope this will help us to better accommodate your project to completion amid the current unfortunate limitations.

Please contact us for more details about this opportunity or to schedule an appointment.


Toll Free (service/ head office): 1-833-3426452

Cell (sales): 647-864 1383

Email: golnar@dapcco.com


Our Precautionary Measures

To maintain our staff and clients’ safety during this hard time, the following instructions needed to be followed by our staff to ensure their safety and health conditions of our clients, simultaneously.

Before starting and during the work on jobsite, the supervisor of the projects needs to make sure that all the precautionary measures are met; and to stop the job at any time, if any of the requirements are or could not be fulfilled. We apologize for it in advance!


  • Anyone with the symptoms of disease (coughing, fever) are not allowed to work at job sites or office.
  • 2 meters social distancing should be kept at all time.
  • All staff are equipped with masks, gloves and goggles.
  • For jobs where works needed to be done inside the house, staff need to wear shoe covers.
  • Staff working on jobsites need to wear Latex gloves under their work gloves.
  • No physical exposure between “staff and staff” and “staff and clients” is allowed.
  • Any blueprints or information from Clients, should be sent to their project supervisor by email or could be attached on the jobsites.
  • In jobsites where there are residents, the area to work in would be sanitized by our staff before the start and after the job finishes (apply for jobs inside the homes).
  • Preferable means of communication between the client and supervisor or company should to be through phone or email.
  • All materials and supplies on the jobsites must be placed on a plastic drop sheet.

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