DecoStucco is an Italian technology, a modern version of murals that still exist on ancient Roman patricians’ houses and lasting for thousand years.

DecoStucco is a ready to use sprayable tri-component polymer mortar. After application, it forms a waterproof, UV and weather resistant façade that is very durable and resistant to temperature variations.











Why choose wall finishes with Deco-Stucco?

Beauty – the finished surface is absolutely natural and not distinguishable from natural bricks and stones. It’s actually more advantageous to natural stone as it could be formed according to the structure shape and is not limited to rigid geometric shapes of natural stones.

Economical – Comparing to brick or natural stones facades, DecoStucco is easy, fast, not expensive and affordable façade for every wall.


Multifunctional – DecoStucco could be used for different places, whether it is the external wall or fences or internal wall as a decorative element.

Artistic– From ancient brick to stone or from wood to slabs, there are practically no restrictions on patterns, thanks to the flexibility of application and the artistic ability of our experienced applicators.

Flexible – the product can be applied directly to the surface of brick, concrete, stone, drywall, polystyrene foam, wood. The product is ready to use, allows great productivity, which makes the application of plaster easy and fast, even for beginners with little experience.

Speed – The application is fast and easy, using the spray pump and a textured gun like Hopper. After application, within 2 hours, the plaster reaches the required consistency, ready to create a pattern in simulated selective stones, and using special tools (curler), removes the tinted layer to form the contours of the desired stone.

After the plaster is hardened and the pigments for decoration are sprayed all over surface, the protective coating of CanProof A90 for external use or the emulsion of CanProof A30 for internal use is applied.

Strength and durability – The composition of DecoStucco makes it ideal as a decorative layer with high resistance to impacts (similar to concrete) with a thickness of up to 4 cm. DecoStucco coatings are breathable and at the same time waterproof to rain, resistant to weather conditions, and extreme temperatures.

With DecoStucco we can

create everything you dream!

20 years guarantee







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