Exterior Wall Covering


Exterior Wall Covering



Façade Restoration

Our services for façade restoration consist of different solutions and technologies.

Stucco Façade Restoration

One of the common problems with Stucco wall coverings is the fragile and brittle structure which leads to appearing cracks (hair line cracks are more common than wide cracks) after few years. Repairing the hair line at the initial stage (when the cracks start to appear) is highly recommended as it could prevent the extra expenses for repairing the stucco later.

Our restoration services are not limited to Stucco coverings but for Stones and Bricks coverings there are different solutions and techniques.


Sealing the stone or brick works is one of the treatments which is highly recommended for a better look and longer life time of wall coverings.

Sealing is done by two methods:

  1. Highly penetrative sealers to seal the surface against dirt, dust, water and humidity.
  2. Elastic Acrylic or Polyurethane sealants for sealing the joints (where applicable)

According to the surface, any or both of these methods will be used to restore and maintain the surface against atmospheric changes and climate conditions.

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Deco – Stucco


This technology Give an aesthetic view to your property exterior or interior walls which last forever. The technology beyond this technique comes from ancient Rome empires.

In this technique, masonry products are mixed with the resin and sprayed on the surface. The application is easy and fast. After few hours that the layer gets dried, technician starts engraving with special tools and paints to create the desired pattern.

Video from Irecom.ru


Rubber Stucco

Rubber Stucco is the new version of masonry-based Stucco. Instead of masonry materials, cork and rubber is used to create a final layer which is



Noise Absorbent

Thermal Insulation




Easy to apply

Durable and Resistant to temperature fluctuations (Crack free)

Sustainable and environment friendly

Fire Resistant (**)

Easy repair (DIY)





CanProof RF100


Rubber Stucco




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