External Waterproofing– Leakage Stop

External Waterproofing

External Waterproofing Leakage Stop dapcco : Foundation Waterproofing is a fundamental step in construction. Thanks to our waterproofing technology, we can waterproof the foundation faster than any other company. Please contact us for free estimate and technical proposal.

External Waterproofing – Leakage Stop

Whether you have a leaky or wet basement, we are here to help you with the fastest and most durable solution. Our expert team are specialized in repairing foundation cracks and wet basements.

Exterior Waterproofing consists of the following headings:

⦁ Soil excavation to expose the foundation walls and footings. (4 to 8 feet deep and 2.5 feet wide)
⦁ Examining the walls for holes or cracks.
⦁ Applying Bitumer products on walls to seal the cracks and holes.
⦁ Testing the wall for any leakage or water penetration.
⦁ Reinforcing the waterproofing layer.
⦁ Installing plastic drainage mat on walls to the footings.
⦁ Backfilling and compacting the soil.





External Waterproofing

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