Flat Roof Leakage Stop (Diagnose and Repair)

Flat Roof Leakage Stop – Diagnose and Repair

100% less damage and removal Guaranteed

Flat Roof Leakage Stop : If you have leaky roof, please contact us before asking a roofer to remove the old membrane, as often you have the chance of repairing the defective membrane which is less costly and lengthy for you.


When there is a leakage of flat roof, there is no need for removing the old membrane to replace it with new layer.

Sometimes, the old membrane is only deteriorated by aging or in some cases because of the temperature changes some cracks in the old membrane layer are the cause of leakages.


In these situations, we DON’T need to remove the old or damaged membrane and we could easily repair them by using CanProof A series.


The top layer could be replaced with CanProof A Series which allow:



  • Increase durability
  • Creating an exploitable coating that does not heat up in the summer



Application process consist of following works:

  • The surface is prepared (Cleaning)
  • CanProof B50 is applied on the dry and dust-free surface.
  • The GeoTextile T1 is applied on the CanProof50 so that it covers the entire width of the work surface and is pressed with a soft brush, roller until the GeoTextile T1 is completely saturated.
  • Every structure on the roof and corners are reinforced with GeoTextile T1.
  • After the CanProof B50 has dried, the top coat of CanProof A100 is applied on top of the Geo-textile.
  • While applying the CanProof A100, special attention should be made to make sure that the Geo-Textile T1 is completely covered with top layer.
  • After curing time for the first layer, a last coat of CanProof A100 is applied on the entire surface of the roof.



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