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Flatroof Waterproofing

Flatroof Waterproofing

Flat roof Waterproofing & Balconies – New Construction

Flat roof Waterproofing using Liquid Applied Waterproofing System is the permanent solution for the flat roof and balconies.

Whether the flat roof is designed to be an operational space or a recreational space that might include green rooftop or a pool to welcome the residents with a quality time outside, this technology assures an ultimate solution with aesthetic designs.

We combine different materials together with Geo-Textile for reinforcements between layers.
For more information on the technology of application please click here.

Flat roof Waterproofing – Repair

Leaking repair in flat roof is a costly job if you require to remove the old waterproof membranes.

However, repair the old waterproof membranes with us is less expensive and completely durable.



  • Seamless and Integrated Coating
  • Fire Resistant (**)
  • Durable and resistant coating to pedestrian loads
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Easy to clean
  • Applicable on any surface (metal, concrete)

LIWS in Corners and Fixtures Waterproofing on Flat Roof

Roof waterproofing scheme using reinforced geotextiles THERMOFELT 80

1) The surface should be prepared

2) Corners need beveling.

3) All surfaces (horizontal and vertical) are coated with the primer “CanProof PR11”

4) One-component “CANPROOF ALL600” is applied to the primed surface with a brush or roller ( 0.8-1.0 kg / m2)

5) THERMOFELT T 80 (geotextile) is laid on freshly laid mastic

6) Geotextile is covered immediately with “CANPROOF ALL600” (0.8-1.0 kg / m2) until the fabric is completely saturated

7) Let the top layer to completely dry. After the “CANPROOF ALL600” has completely dried, you can proceed with the waterproofing coating with the “CanProof SP2 600” or “CANPROOF ALL600” mastic


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