Flat roof waterproofing tech










  1. Cement Base
  2. Primer (CanProof PR-11)
  3. Waterproof mastic (CanProof RF-100)
  4. Thermofelt T1 80
  5. Top and final layer







After surface cleaning, the surface is primed using CanProof Pr-11, a deep penetration primer in two steps. (the first layer diluted with water 1:1, the second pure 100%)







Later, CanProof RF100 is applied on the primed surface.

The products are used on the total surfac

e, parapets, edges and any instalments on the roof which is not same level with the surface.







Then, Thermofelt T1 80 is applied on the freshly applied mastic, so it covers the entire width of treated surface and pressed with a soft brush or roller.

After the first layer is dried, then second and top coat is applied on Thermofelt T1. The process is repeated to reach the desired thickness of membrane.


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