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Blind Side Waterproofing

Blind Side Waterproofing

Blindside Waterproofing for A Better Waterproofed Structure!

Blindside waterproofing is a way to get structural waterproofing even before building up your foundation walls. This type of waterproofing is more effective than standard semi-waterproofing techniques. Why? Because in this, we install drainage and waterproofing membranes before building up the foundation wall or pouring down the concrete, resulting in less soil excavation and an eco-friendly process.

Also, this waterproofing comes in handy where you cannot apply below-grade waterproofing on the foundation walls. So, it is an option for such places!

However, this process is difficult as you are not applying it on the concrete, but it is applied directly to the soil retention system.









Reasons To Choose Blindside Waterproofing

This waterproofing system is effective because it allows building developers to use maximum land while making the foundation completely waterproof.

Safe From Damages

This waterproofing system has proved beneficial because it keeps the whole system safe from water or even vapors. For the fact that this waterproofing membrane is installed before filling the concrete, it makes them highly resistant to water.

Once you get it installed for your commercial place, you won’t be seeing any leaks or damages caused by water for at least ten years or more. This is not just a claim, but most of our customers have proved that this process worked best for them.


When installing a membrane before the foundation wall, you have to do less excavation, leading to less noise pollution and less time-consumed during the process. Also, you can achieve LEED credits for sustainable and eco-friendly progress.

Why Should You Trust Us?

When there are different blindside waterproofing experts in Toronto, why should you trust us?

That is a really good question, and we do not say that you should trust us without knowing everything about us like

24/7 Available

We will be available 24/7 for any query you might have. We know that blindside waterproofing is a term that might be new for you, and we will help you out with any questions you have about how we start the process, how we install the membrane, and so on.

Quality Material

Quality material means we take every measure carefully and use top-quality membranes that will keep your foundation wall completely waterproof and functional throughout your lifetime.

Trusted Across Toronto

We are the trusted waterproofing experts across Toronto, making us a better option for people looking for exceptional services. We have proved ourselves with our finest services and quality installation backed by experience and skills.


We are 100% licensed to provide waterproofing services to residential and commercial places. So, do not worry about anything while choosing us.

25 Years of Proven Experience

We have a proven experience of installing many waterproofing systems like blindside waterproofing or elevator pit across Toronto for residential and commercial places, which makes us highly trained in making your place 100% waterproof.

Reach Out Now!

You might have some doubts about the process or this particular service. Do not worry; we are here to help you out with any worries. We have a team of experts that is friendly and easy to speak with, you can ask them about anything related to blindside waterproofing, and they will be glad to help you out.

So, reach out now through our number (905) 771 1383, or Fill out the quotation form.

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