LIWS in Corners

LIWS in Corners and Fixtures Waterproofing on Flat Roof

Roof waterproofing scheme using reinforced geotextiles THERMOFELT 80























  • 1) The surface should be prepared
  • 2) Corners need beveling.
  • 3) All surfaces (horizontal and vertical) are coated with the primer “CanProof PR11”
  • 4) One-component “CANPROOF ALL600” is applied to the primed surface with a brush or roller ( 0.8-1.0 kg / m2)
  • 5) THERMOFELT T 80 (geotextile) is laid on freshly laid mastic
  • 6) Geotextile is covered immediately with “CANPROOF ALL600” (0.8-1.0 kg / m2) until the fabric is completely saturated
  • 7) Let the top layer to completely dry. After the “CANPROOF ALL600” has completely dried, you can proceed with the waterproofing coating with the “CanProof SP2 600” or “CANPROOF ALL600” mastic
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