LIWS in Joints Waterproofing

LIWS in Joints Waterproofing
Sealing joints using LYTREN self-adhesive geotextile tape and using CanProof Ac-RF-100 or Bi-All-600 mastic

The technology for sealing any types of construction joints in panels or sheets will solve the problems of leaks or moisture penetration in the building permanently without the need to dismantle structures or replace parts of a structural element.


The effectiveness and reliability of repairing the prefabricated metal roofs could be ensured by sealing the joints with a strong reinforced coating covered with Bi-All-600 mastic or polymeric mastic Ac-Rf-100 (different colors available) which are fully resistant to climate changes, temperature changes and UV radiation.

The high adhesion of the mastic to metal substrates and the combination with LYTREN non-woven material guarantees a durable reinforced coating and the tightness of the processed joints during deformation of metal sheets, expansion, bending.
Step 1: Clean the joints and the areas around the joint with a damp towel. Make sure you remove all the loose or debris from the surface.

Step 2: With a paint brush, put a thin layer of mastic on the area and inside the joints.

Step 3: Put the tape on the applied mastic on surface.

Step4: Apply another layer on the tape and let it dry for 24 hrs (touch dry). Apply another layer and let fully dry and cure for 24 hours.



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