What is LIWS?


By LIWS (Liquid Integrated Waterproofing System) method, you can ensure having a leak free roof for 30 years.

The superior advantage of the LIWS waterproofing system comparing to membrane rolls waterproofing is being seamless due to its liquid nature. Unlike the membrane roll waterproofing which the most problematic areas are the joints, even cured and applied accurately, in the LIWS waterproofing systems, as the name says, there is no SEAMS in the waterproofing layer.

Every surface with any shape and size could be covered with an Integrated Waterproofing Layer, which eliminates all potential concerns of leakage due to the available Joints.

Beside the integrity of waterproofing layer, another factor for making the LIWS systems more reliable, is the high adhesin of Liquid waterproofing materials to any substrate such as concrete, metal, masonry, wood, polymer made products and etc.

One of the major problems with membrane rolls waterproofing is the weak adhesion of layer to base substrate. If the water penetrates into the waterproofing layer, it could run easily under the membrane and it makes the diagnostic and repair of leakage very difficult.

However, in the new LIWS system, since the waterproofing layer will be an integral part of main substrate, in case of any severe damage to the waterproofing layer, there is no room for water to move, and the leaking point is much easier to find and to repair.









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