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Rubber Stucco


Rubber Stucco

Rubber Stucco is a decorative coloured finish coat made of milled cork and water based elastomeric polymers.

It can be used for floor, wall and ceiling decoration. The coating has all the benefits of cork: breathability, thermal insulation, an excellent fire resistance, weather resistance and durability.

It is possible to create endless aesthetical effects. The layer is noise insulation, water repellence and elastic which makes it an ideal solution for facades, protecting them from temperature changes during the year.

Rubber Stucco has excellent adhesion capability to any kind of substrate such as wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, concrete and mortars substrates, both inside and outside of building.Rubber Stucco

BENEFITS of Rubber Stucco

  1. Easy to create decorative elements.
  2. Vapor-permeable and water-repellent.
  3. Excellent aesthetic effect.
  4. Easy and quick application.
  5. Ecological and eco-friendly solution
  6. Breathable
  7. It contributes to the thermal insulation of a building structure
  8. Sound absorbing
  9. Water repellent: it avoids the water absorption by masonry
  10. Elastic: no cracks
  11. It allows restoring old facades with existing cracks
  12. Resistant to mold and fungus
  13. Salty air resistant
  14. Resistant to UV rays and weathering agents
  15. Resistant to both high and low temperature
  16. It can be used both inside and outside

UNIVERSALITY of Rubber Stucco

the SUBERPLAST coating is suitable for application on any type of material: reinforced concrete, plaster, natural stone, facing brick, silicate blocks, plywood, OSB, timber, asbestos, metal.Rubber Stucco

HEAT INSULATION of Rubber Stucco

  1. the SUBERPLAST – a warm coating (λ = 0,038) that will protect your home from cold and heat. The natural feature of the cork, and therefore the SUBERPLAST coating, is the ability to maintain the internal temperature of not lower than 0 ° C during frost outside and not higher than + 20 ° C when heated high.
  2. Due to these natural properties of cork, the walls of the house will not freeze in winter and overheat in the summer, which will save heat energy. In addition, SUBERPLAST, applied to roofing (especially metal) coatings, makes it possible for residential attic rooms to maintain a constant temperature of no higher than +20 ° С during the summer Rubber Stucco


Used both inside and outside ,  SUBERPLAST is able to attenuate noise where there are thin partitions made of drywall, in floors , in technical rooms, where moving mechanisms and equipment are located. In addition, the use of SUBERPLAST on a metal roof softens the annoying sound of rain.Rubber Stucco


The water-repellent qualities of the cork are well known, and its application to the facades provides reliable protection against rainwater, increasing the service life of the facades themselves.

Vapor Permeability

The internal microclimate of our houses depends on the temperature and humidity conditions of the room.

SUBERPLAST, performing the function of a membrane (m = 31), allows moisture accumulated in the walls of houses to evaporate, thereby preventing the formation of mold and fungus on the walls.


SUBERPLAST is supplied in the base natural color of the cork. The product is easily stained with pigment paste, according to the SUBERPLAST primary color chart (46 options) and the RAL scale.


A small consumption of material (1-1.2 kg / m2) allows you to get a decorative.

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