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Underground Parking

Underground Parking

Underground Parking Waterproofing With Traffic Coating

Waterproofing your undergrounds, especially the parking spaces is necessary. This goes for everyone who is not looking for that pesky mild smell coming from their parking lots as well as other leaks or water damages. So, Dapcco Waterproofing provides a moisture-free and attractive parking lot for every commercial place.

Underground waterproofing is essential these days, especially in cold areas like Toronto, as you can expect higher humidity rates in the air. Also, the winters of these areas make things even worse, causing the production of bacteria, mold, or even mild dew. These can lead to a mess and affect the health and safety of visitors.

The Solution?

We will install a pedestrian traffic coating system in your underground parking. It consists of five layers from primer to UV resistant topcoat. This method is best as the base membrane and aggregate prevent humidity, while UV-resistant topcoat avoids UV damages.


Waterproofing your underground parking is just like enhancing its life. With that, there would be no more worries about getting leaks or humidity in the underground.

Prevent Freeze Damages

Freeze damages are common around Toronto due to its cold weather, and these can result in mold growth or dampness as well. It would make your parking space unpleasant with a strange smell and small particles of water everywhere. But, do not worry, because, with this traffic coating, you will never have such problems.

Here’s How We Work.

  1. Cleaning the surface area.
  2. Inspecting the issue (based on seeing mold, leakages, or water particles). However, if this is a newly built underground parking, we get right into the waterproofing process.
  3. Afterward, we will gather the required material to start the process. For instance, if there is an excessive leakage, we will use a traffic coating consisting of various membranes. It provides the required protection from UV damages or cracks that can lead to serious issues.
  4. Lastly, we check for the remaining place and suggest some preventive measures or maintenance schedules for best results.

It will make your underground parking entirely waterproof and prevent future leaks.

Why Should You Choose Dapcco?

Dapcco is the name of trust when it comes to waterproofing services. We have been in this field for more than 20 years now, and have proven experience and hands-on skills in waterproofing. Here are some reasons to trust us.

Quality Installation

With our innovative membrane and drain system installation, you would never have to redo it. We make the whole process less time-consuming and effective by using these techniques.

We will also specify and change our methods when it comes to installing waterproofing solutions on different substrates, i.e., concrete or plywood.


In our experience of 20+ years, we have covered many complicated and easy waterproofing jobs. This gives us strong exposure to the work we do, and we know how to carry out perfect waterproofing.


We are 100% licensed and well-trained to provide waterproofing services across Toronto.

Trained Technicians

Our technicians are trained to do hard or easy waterproofing jobs. They are experts in installing new membranes in a running construction project or installing waterproofing membranes to a leaking foundation.

Friendly Team

Our team will respond in the friendliest way if you ask them a question one time or thousand times. They are also easy to speak with because we have trained them in that way.

Available 24/7

We are always here to help. if you have any doubts or want to know more about our services, just pick up the phone and dial (905) 771 1383 or fill out our quotation form!

So, reach out now, and let’s install the best waterproofing for your underground parking!

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