What are Construction Joints?

Types of Joints in Concrete constructions are:

  • Construction Joint:

These joints are designed to exist in concrete slabs to allow displacement between two slabs sides. The joints layout and location transfer the flexural stresses that is caused by external loads.

  • Expansion/Contraction Joints

Expansion Joints are the gaps provided in building parts which are subject to wide change due to different reasons.

Contraction Joints are provided regularly in concrete slabs to transfer the load to the edges of concrete and therefore cracks are not formed in undesired places.

  • Isolation Joints

To isolate and depart concrete slabs from walls, columns or any other construction element. These joints are necessary to balance the stress of different materials movements (due to different contraction or expansion grades) in conjunction with other.


For any reasons that the joints are designed to be placed in surface, it is important to seal the joints with proper fillers to prevent filling up with dust, water or soil.




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