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When to worry about Roof Damage

When to worry about Roof Damage

When to worry about Roof Damage

A leaky roof can be a sign of standing water on the roof. Standing water is a common issue with flat roofing as rainwater can begin to accumulate in many places and if it is left for too long, it will be eventually a source of serious structural damages to the building.Roof Damage

Water start accumulating after heavy rains or when snow start melting. This might be a blocked drainage pipe by debris and leaves, or the roof gradient. Therefore, it’s important to clear any debris blocking the drainage or increase the roof’s gradient. A pressure washer can be used to clean the flat roof before rainy season starting.

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It is not always easy to find the location of leaking spots for an untrained individual due the nature of waterproof membranes. However, if you see any of the following, it’s time to seek assistance:

  • Are there water stains on your ceiling? If yes, then there should be mould developing on your interior walls and ceilings and it’s time to seek for assistance.
  • Do you see water puddles on roof?
  •  Are there any cracks in ceilings and walls?

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Around the Clock Services

We offer regular annually maintenance services for all new and existing customers to ensure a clean roof and dry space before winter. Our well-trained team are able to perform all minor and major flat roof waterproofing and repairs. Roof Damage

Our most common repair is to seal holes in compromised membranes to prevent water leakage into the building structure. However, this will not be a solution for all leaky roofs.

Why Liquid Applied Waterproofing membranes?

In the past several years liquid applied membranes proved to be a feasible, economical and more environmentally friendly solution for waterproofing.

In Liquid waterproofing a special type of coating is used to seal and waterproof the roof. Since this type of waterproofing can be used on any substrate and material, then it could be use for all types of roofing. However, it is more common on flat roofs.

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Liquid waterproofing membranes

Liquid waterproofing membranes will last for 30 to 40 years depending on the quality of the product, the installation process, and roof maintenance after application. Another area that Liquid Applied Waterproofing coatings were helpful is for the Energy Saving solutions for buildings.Roof Damage

A reflexive light color, redirect much of UV rays and lower the temperature of the roof during sun exposure.

Additionally, recovering existing roofs using liquid applied solutions brings the significant environmental aspect of not having to add thousands of tons of scrapped roofing materials every year to the landfills.

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